File Remediation Services

File Remediation for Accessibility

Before posting a file online, it should be evaluated and/or remediated to ensure that it is accessible for all users. The most commonly used file type to post a document online is a PDF or Portable Document File. In order to remediate and add accessibility features to a PDF, you must use Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat DC. Knowing that this process can be troublesome and that the software required is not always readily available to everyone, the University of Mississippi accessibility team has made this a service available to all faculty and staff.

Turnaround Time for File Remediation

The amount of time needed to remediation a PDF is largely based on the size of the document. Some documents may be too large for our team to remediate in a timely manner and require the assistance of an outside vendor.

Number of PagesExpected Turnaround Time
5 Pages or Less2 Business Days (48 Hours)
Between 6 and 50 Pages5 Business Days
Between 51 and 250 Pages14 Business Days
More than 250 PagesAn outside vendor may be necessary.