InDesign Links and Text Anchors


InDesign can create hyperlinks that are accessible to screen readers.

  1. To create a link, select the text, right-click on it, then select Hyperlinks > New Hyperlink.
    Screenshot of the hyperlink option in the menu
  2. This will bring up a dialog with several options.
    Screenshot of the hyperlink options
  3. Links to web URLs: To create a link to a web URL, ensure that “Link to: URL” is selected, then type the full URL (don’t forget the “http://” at the beginning!).
  4. Links to Text Anchors: To create a link to a text anchor within the InDesign document, ensure that “Link to: Text Anchor” is selected, then select the appropriate anchor from the drop-down list.

Creating Text Anchors

There is more than one way to create text anchors. One way is to enable the text anchor option when creating a table of contents. Text anchors can also be added manually.

  1. First, open the Hyperlinks panel by going to Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks.
    Screenshot of the hyperlinks menu
  2. Once the Hyperlink panel is available, select the text that you want to mark as an anchor. Then go to the Hyperlink panel and click on the Option button in the upper right corner. From this menu, select “New Hyperlink Destination.”
    Screenshot of the new hyperlink destination option
  3. Give the destination a name in the next dialog that opens.
    Screenshot of the dialog to create a new text anchor
  4. To link to the text anchor, select the text you want to link, right-click and choose Hyperlinks > New Hyperlink. When the dialog opens, select “Link to: Text Anchor,” and then choose the appropriate destination from the drop-down list below.
    Screenshot of the new hyperlink dialog