Direct Document Remediation Services

Direct PDF Remediation Services Through Equidox by Onix

We recognize that there are times when you may not be able to create an accessible source document or be able to remediate a PDF before posting it online. Therefore, we have established a convenience contract for PDF remediation services with Equidox by Onix. Please review the table below for an estimate of remediation costs for typical document types.

Estimated Remediation Pricing

Complexity Level (Per Page)Estimated Price Per PageDefinition of Complexity
Low Complexity$5.00/ppLow complexity documents contain valid un-embedded text and fonts, with an intuitively structured order which requires minimal human interpretation and limited numbers of simple non-text objects: Single level lists, small tables with a uniform structure, graphics which are primarily decorative, logos or otherwise require minimal subject matter expertise or interpretation to create an equivalent experience via alternative text.
Medium Complexity$6.00/ppMid-complexity documents contain valid embedded text and fonts but exceed the complexity of the previous category in at least one but no more than three instances, a large number of non text items, a non-linear reading order that requires human interpretation, graphics that require human understanding, nested lists (lists within lists) with up to three levels, large or non-uniform tables (e.g multiple layers of table headings, text that spans multiple rows or columns, etc.). Mid-complexity documents may also contain links or footnotes, or require flattening or removal of some interactive elements such as speaker note annotations in PDFs made from PowerPoint presentations.
High Complexity$7.00/ppHigh complexity documents are documents that contain unembedded text (pictures of text, scanned pages that require OCR, etc) or otherwise exceed the complexity definitions of a low complexity document in four or more ways. This classification includes scans of handwritten text, complex infographics, documents intended for printing and folding, or with an interactive table of contents, multi-page tables, or nested lists containing 4 or more levels of nesting.
Forms$10-13.00/ppPDF interactive/fillable forms with form fields including text, drop-down, radio buttons, check boxes, signature fields and more.

Steps for Direct PDF Remediation Services

  1. Complete the Conversion Services Document Submission Form below (documents will be submitted during this step).
  2. A representative from Equidox by Onix will provide a Statement of Work within one business day to the email address specified in the form.
  3. If the Statement of Work is accepted, you (or your department representative) will sign and return it to Equidox by Onix via email. *If you need a copy of the Master Service Agreement for procurement, please contact
  4. Equidox by Onix will remediate the PDFs you submitted within 3-5 business days and return the completed forms to you.

Conversion Services Document Submission Form

Complete the PDF Conversion Services Form and submit your documents within the form to start the process as described above.