Captioning Services

Captioning Overview

Captions are required by law when videos are published on UM-sponsored and UM- affiliated public-facing websites, including social media accounts. All videos on UM- sponsored and UM-affiliated public-facing websites must include captions. This applies to live events that are streamed on these platforms as well as any pre-recorded video content. For help determining what and when to caption, we have created a Virtual Live Captioning Decision Chart and Priority List, Live Captioning Priority List and a Pre-Recorded Video Captioning Decision Chart and Priority List.

Captioning as an Accommodation

Captions or transcripts of video and audio content are required by law and must be provided in “a timely manner” as an accommodation for a student with a disability. Faculty/instructors should contact Student Disability Studies (SDS) at for information regarding captioning for students with an accommodation.

Captioning Requests

The University of Mississippi has an agreement with 3Play Media for live captioning services as well as for post-production captioning services. Post-production captioning is captioning of video material that is pre-recorded, whether it is user-created or sourced through other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Both live and pre-recorded captioning requests are made through the Accessibility office by emailing or calling 662-915-1335.  Departments or units are responsible for the cost of captioning when it is not required by an SDS accommodation or part of a fully online course.