YouTube Captioning

YouTube Captioning

  1. Log into your YouTube channel.
  2. Click “YouTube Studio Beta.”
  3. From the menu at left, click Videos.
  4. Click to open a video from your Channel.
  5. Click the “Advanced” tab.
  6. If you see “English by YouTube (automatic),” that means that YouTube has auto-generated captions for your video. These MUST be replaced or edited for accuracy.
  7. Click the three dots to the right of English by YouTube to either Delete or Edit the auto-generated contents.
  8. If you have an SRT caption file:
    1. Choose “Delete.”
    2. Click the Upload Subtitles/CC to upload the SRT file.
    3. Click Save and the captions are now embedded in your YouTube video.
  9. If you are editing the auto-generated captions:
    1. Choose “Edit on Classic Studio.”
    2. When the video opens in Classic Studio, Click “Edit” in the upper right corner.
    3. Select the line that needs repair in the captioning editor text box, and make the necessary edits.
    4. You can change the timing by changing the timecode values or by clicking and dragging the vertical dividers below the video.
    5. Click the PLUS sign to add additional caption segments until your video is correctly captioned.