PDF “Spring Cleaning” Project

The PDF “Spring Cleaning” Project is a 4 week long project that takes place during the month of April. It is designed for website content creators, editors, and other contributors to participate either individually or as a team. The purpose is to improve the accessibility of UM websites by providing more accessible formats of filed shared online.

Why do PDFs need to be “cleaned up”?

Many UM websites host a large number of PDFs. Unless deliberate action has been taken to remediate these files by working with UM’s Accessibility Specialists, it is highly probable that each PDFs is inaccessible to:

  • The visually impaired and others who rely on assistive technology to access digital content, 
  • Anyone who accesses the web by using a mobile device, and 
  • Users without a printer who must print then scan in a PDF form if it was not designed to be completed electronically. 

Thankfully, there are easy ways to tackle this problem and make your digital documents accessible for everyone!

The UM Digital Accessibility Solutions team will walk you through a four-week, systematic process to either “clean up” your existing PDFs or create more accessible versions of documents posted online.

While participating in the PDF “Spring Cleaning” Project, you can expect:

  • One task a week for four weeks.
    • The weekly task will be detailed with written instructions as well as an explanatory video.
  • There will also be an optional weekly live session for :
    • Tips and techniques on completing the week’s designated task
    • Time for Q&A