WAVE Website Evaluation Tool

WAVE Website Evaluation Tool

WAVE (wave.webaim.org) is a free tool that is often recommended by the OCR to evaluate the accessibility of websites. It is available as a web-based tool and as Firefox and Google Chrome browser extensions.

To get started, enter a website address into the search box and click Enter.

RECOMMENDED: The WAVE Chrome and Firefox extensions allow you to evaluate private, intranet, password-protected, dynamically-generated, or scripted web content. All evaluation happens directly within your browser. The toolbar also evaluates content after scripting has been applied, whereas the server version of WAVE removes all scripting.

A website accessibility report will be generated on the left side of the screen.

Decoding Wave Report

WAVE contains a report box with corresponding embedded icons overlaid on the webpage. The report is broken into four different tabs, but we will focus on three:

Summary – overview of number of errors, alerts, features, and structural elements.

Details – provides a list of errors and alerts as well as accessibility features and structural elements on the page. Click the information icon next to each error description to find out more about a specific error or alert.

Structure – shows the heading structure of the page to make sure there is logical heading structure.

  • RED indicate accessibility errors.
  • YELLOW icons indicate alerts.
  • GREEN icons indicate accessibility features.
  • BLUE icons indicate structural

Check for color Contrast issues using the contrast menu at the top of the report.