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Accessibility Solutions

All University of Mississippi programs, services, and activities should be accessible to all students, staff, faculty, and the public. This includes:

  • All technology products used to deliver academic programs and services
  • Electronic and information resources
  • Student services
  • Information technology services
  • Auxiliary programs and services.

Accessibility is an institution-wide responsibility that requires commitment and involvement from all members of our campus community.

Accessibility Focused Workshops

There are no current workshops scheduled.
See More: IT Training opportunities

Our staff is available to provide one-on-one or small group sessions in person or via Zoom. Please contact Jennifer Bland at accessibility@olemiss.edu for more information or to schedule a training session.  


Captions or transcripts of video and audio content are required by law and must be provided in “a timely manner” as an accommodation for a student with a disability. Faculty/instructors should contact Student Disability Studies (SDS) at sds@olemiss.edu for information regarding captioning for students with an accommodation.

If a student in your class has an accommodation related to hearing, video content must be captioned or it cannot be shown in class.

Best practice calls for captions and transcripts to be provided for video and audio content shown in class or used as a supplemental resource. Captioning course content proactively ensures that you are prepared if you receive an accommodation request from a student with a disability. To learn more about captioning priorities, contact Accessibility at accessibility@olemiss.edu. Individual schools/college/departments/units are responsible for the cost of preparing materials to be accessible.


If you have questions or concerns specifically related to classroom accommodations, such as extended test time, distraction-reduced test environment, note taking, etc., please contact Student Disability Services (SDS) at (662) 915-7128 or sds@olemiss.edu.


Download printable .pdfs or view webpage content.
Accessibility Basics for Public-Facing Electronic Material Download PDF .pdf
Accessibility Basics for Electronic Course Materials Download PDF .pdf
Adding Alt Text to Images Download PDF .pdf
Microsoft Word Accessibility Download PDF .pdf
Accessible Powerpoint Presentations Download PDF .pdf
Social Media Accessibility Download PDF .pdf
Identifying Web Accessibility Issues Download PDF .pdf
YouTube Captioning Download PDF .pdf
Accessible Web Design Download PDF .pdf
WAVE Tool Overview Download PDF .pdf
Course Accessibliity Checklist Download PDF .pdf


Jennifer Bland, Accessibility Specialist (662) 915-1335
Emily Ferris, Associate Director of Outreach (662) 915-1870
Email: accessibility@olemiss.edu