Microsoft Excel Checklist

Quick Checklist for Excel Accessibility

File Setup

  • Does the document file name not contain spaces and/or special characters?
  • Is the document file name concise, generally limited to 20-30 characters, and does it make the contents of the file clear?
  • document properties for Title, Author, Subject (AKA Description), Keywords, Language, and Copyright Status been completed?
  • Have you set your document language to English?
  • Have track changes been accepted or rejected and turned off?
  • Have comments been removed and formatting marks been turned off?
  • Do the active worksheets have clear and concise names that allow users (and assistive technology) to identify the table’s source and content?


  • Does the document utilize recommended fonts (i.e., Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, or Calibri)?
  • Is the list style being used, as opposed to manually typed characters (e.g. Hyphens, numbers, or graphics)?
  • Is content clear and concise?
  • Do all URLs contain descriptive hyperlinks (i.e., avoid generic phrases like “click here”; instead, use phrases that let users know about the content of the linked page prior to selecting it)?
  • Is the color contrast ratio between foreground text and background color sufficient?



Accessibility Check