Instructor Messaging on Alternative Formats

Alternative Formats for Students

Have you ever found content in a course that was difficult to read, or that you wish came in a more usable format? Now using Blackboard Ally everyone can download alternative formats (like MP3, PDF, HTML, eBooks, and even Braille!) of an instructor’s content.

With alternative formats you can achieve your goals using resources that are targeted to meet your needs. For example, Blackboard Ally creates audio and electronic braille alternatives for students with visual impairments; However, alternative formats aren’t just for a select group of students. Alternative formats benefit everyone: someone learning English as a second language, students with a lot of course materials to read in a short amount of time, anyone who needs to access their course from their phone, and a person who simply prefers to listen to content because it’s how they learn best! 

Don’t stick to just one format! Use as many formats as you want. Here is a decision structure to help you decide which format could benefit you the most in your situation.