Accessibility Training for UM Content Creators

Start Here: Blackboard Course Explainer Video

Written Instructions

To access the course material:

  1. Log in to using your WebID and password
  2. Find Digital Accessibility at UM course in your Course List
  3. Once in the course, select “Web Accessibility” from the left side bar navigation menu
  4. Select the module: “Accessibility Training for UM Content Creators
  5. Score at least 75% on each knowledge check before moving on; you have up to 5 attempts on each.  *65% or better is accepted on quizzes with only 3 questions.


Who has to take this course?

Everyone serving as a website manager or content creator must complete this course by scoring 75% or better on each quiz and completing the survey at the end. *65% or better is accepted on quizzes with only 3 questions.

What do I do if I am not able to log in to Blackboard using my WebID and password?

Contact to request Blackboard access or troubleshoot this issue.

Digital Accessibility at UM is not in my Course List on Blackboard. How can I be added to the course?

Contact and let us know that you need to be added.

I attended all or some of the the live trainings provided by WebAIM, do I have to watch the videos included in the course?

No. The videos are made available for those who were not able to attend the live training or if you need to review the material for that component in order to pass the knowledge check.

What score must I achieve in order to move on to the next section?

The minimum passing score is 75%. This means that if a quiz has 4 questions, you must get at least 3 of them correct. If a quiz has 2 questions, you must answer both questions correctly. *65% or better is accepted on quizzes with only 3 questions.

I earned a passing score, but I was taken back to the screen to launch the quiz, can I move on?

Yes. As soon as you earn 75% or better on your knowledge check, move on to the next section. *65% or better is accepted on quizzes with only 3 questions.

I did score high enough on a quiz. Can I try again?

Yes. You have up to 5 attempts available on each knowledge check.

The video instructions say that the passing score is 80%, but the written instructions say 75%; Which is correct?

75% is the minimum passing score. *65% or better is accepted on quizzes with only 3 questions.

Can I check my grades to see what I scored?

Yes! Go to “My Grades” in the left side navigation menu.

Success Tips

  • Use the table of contents and search option built into the Panopto videos to find information quickly.
  • Attempt the quiz once before watching the videos to get an idea of what the questions for each section are like.
  • Remember that the questions in each attempt will be different since the questions are randomized.
  • Watch the videos with closed captions in order to improve your cognition of the information.
  • Use the mechanisms built into the media player to speed up or slow down the video to what works best for you.